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Gebouwd in 2010


The Lagoon 500 is 51 feet in length, the ideal size for its purposes. Lagoon does not skimp on the luxuriousness of the living spaces. The vastness of space on board will accommodate a family or group of friends without everyone feeling they are squeezed together. Decks are wide, below deck cabins have plenty of room to move, the galley is convenient, and the wood and accents used for decoration are tasteful. The stateroom spares no expense in layout and design.

From its furnishings to the indulgent shower stall, the stateroom is reminiscent of a pricey hotel suite instead of a living space aboard a ship.  Under sail, the Lagoon 500 handles with ease and transitions smoothly at different speeds and conditions. The catamaran handles wind well. The 500’s design allows for an ease of control even in poor weather circumstances and choppy water. These undemanding controls make the 500 a vessel perfect for even a novice sailor to operate without anxiety or difficulty.


15.54 m.
8.53 m.
1.4 m. max diepgang
Multihull sailing


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